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Which should I choose—Move In Now or Reserve Unit?

If the storage unit size that you’d like is available and you’re ready to move in, you can pick the Move In Now option. You’ll need to pay the first month’s rent and fill out a rental agreement to secure your unit.

If you don’t need the unit right away or aren’t sure the size you’ll need, you can pick Reserve Unit to save it for a later date. We’ll collect your info and notify you when it’s time to move in to finish the rental process.

Storage Unit Sizes

50 sq. ft.

This size is ideal for storing the contents of a studio apartment, including a number of boxes, kitches appliances, small mattress set, chairs or even a motorcycle.

50 sq. ft.

This unit is identical to the 5×10 but with a wider door and shallower depth. Usually makes items easily accessible in comparison to the 5×10.

100 sq. ft.

This unit is perfect for fitting the contents of 2 bedrooms. It can hold an entertainment system, king-size mattresses, larger appliances, dining room, furniture and other various seasonal items.

150 sq. ft.

This unit is ideal for fitting everything in a 3 bedroom space. Great for storing large screen TVs, bikes and other sports equipment.

200 sq. ft.

This unit is ideal for fitting the contents of a house or even a small car and the contents of a couple of bedrooms, furniture, and sports equipment.

250 sq. ft.

This storage size is great for storing a small boat or trailer with some room for boxes, a couch, some chairs, or a small furniture set.

Parking Area Sizes